Employment Law

Our board-certified employment lawyers represent our clients expertly in all employment law matters nationwide before local labor courts, regional labor courts, and the Federal Labor Court (BAG).

Thanks to our extensive experience with employment law, you may rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost care, legal expertise, and commitment to enforce your legal rights.

Our employment law services include the following:

Employees and employment contracts

  • Employment and service agreements of any kind
  • Terminations of employment agreements, termination rights, and termination agreements
  • Variable compensation models
  • Litigation
  • Data privacy

Corporate restructurings

  • Business restructurings, including mergers, demergers, and business closures
  • Corporate restructurings, including legal advice on co-determination rights of governing bodies
  • Corporate reorganizations, for example reorganization of a German stock corporation into a European Company (Societas Europea aka SE), or a cross-border merger, including negotiations with labor representatives
  • Business transfers
  • Insolvency-related employment law issues

Labor-management law

  • Negotiations with works councils
  • Co-determination rights of the works council, works agreements, agreements, on compensation or mitigation of adverse effects on employees resulting from operational changes (Sozialplan), and agreements on coordination of operational changes (Interessenausgleich)
  • Conciliation board proceedings
  • Introduction of new, state-of-the-art compensation systems
  • Introduction of new, more flexible working time models
  • Rules, policies, and working time models for the workplace

Legal advice on social security law

  • Legal advice on the obligation, and exemptions from the obligation, to enroll in and pay dues to the German Social Security system, including representation in proceedings determining the social security status of workers
  • Legal advice for employers on the laws governing the obligation of employers to pay contributions to, and the eligibility of employees to collect benefits from, the German Social Security system, including unemployment benefits, short-time work allowances, and pension benefits
  • Legal advice on tax law and/or social security law issues arising in connection with employment-related measures (outplacement, voluntary workforce reduction programs, agreements on compensation or mitigation of adverse effects on employees resulting from operational changes (Sozialplan)), and
  • Representation of clients in dealings with German regulatory authorities

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