Notarial Services

Our notaries are available to assist you with your legal needs as independent, impartial advisors. When advising clients, maintenance of confidentiality is among our most important official duties.

We make use of the options afforded to us by digitalization and have implemented state-of-the-art work processes, in particular by using electronic communication to correspond and file legal documents with the court system. Because time is often of the essence, we make sure that entries are quickly recorded in the Commercial Register or Land Register.

It is a matter of course for us that you can reach us at any time, that we are available to meet with you at short notice, and that we handle your matters in an efficient, straightforward manner.

We also support our (lawyer) colleagues in offering highly professional services to their clients.

With four notaries focusing on different specialties at our offices in Frankfurt am Main and Bad Vilbel, we offer our clients the full spectrum of notarial services.

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