Banking and Capital Market Law

Banking and capital market law is a key practice area of WSHP. We offer legal expertise in all segments of this area of the law, which extends far beyond the typical scenario of aggrieved investors.

We provide legal advice in the following segments of banking and capital market law:

  • Business relationships between bank and client, including
  • Loan agreements and loan collateralization, including international transactions,
  • Payment transactions, including
    • bank transfers, direct debits, bills of exchange, and checks,
    • EC cards and electronic/online banking,
    • Credit card transactions,
    • Digital payment methods, including e-money and crypto currencies (e.g., Bitcoin)
  • Securities transactions (in particular crypto assets and crypto securities), securities account transactions, investment transactions, underwriting/IPO transactions, including international business,
  • Asset management, asset custody
  • Factoring/leasing transactions
  • Money-laundering, data privacy, bank charges and fees (e.g., processing fees)
  • Banking regulatory law, banking law of the European Community, and antitrust law
  • Tax issues arising from or related to banking and capital market law

Our clients in this area include midsized companies and financial services providers, investment advisors, asset managers, and loan brokers, as well as trading platforms and initiators of other investments. One major focus of our practice involves business models related to cryptographic currencies (e.g., bitcoin) or tokenized or digitalized investment opportunities.

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