Social Responsibility and Pro Bono Services

WSHP is committed to social responsibility and donates time and money to good causes on a regular basis.

Aside from financial support, charitable organizations often also lack staff, know-how, and professional support. Establishing an association or organizing/implementing certain projects can pose major practical challenges for people trying to help others. We therefore contribute to the common good not only by donating to charitable organizations on a regular basis, but also through personal involvement. We provide support where professional know-how and experience is more helpful to the parties involved than financial support. This may involve drafting articles of association, assistance with gaining recognition of charitable status, training in compliance matters, or even active membership on the board of a charitable organization. Below you will find several examples. If you work for a charitable organization and would like to inspire our firm for another social responsibility engagement, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We will then review whether and how we can support your organization.

We are currently actively involved in the following organizations:

  • Verein für soziales Engagement und Nachbarschaftshilfe Bad Vilbel e.V., and Bad Vilbeler Tafel
  • Förderverein Haus der Begegnung e.V., Bad Vilbel.
  • Lions Club Frankfurt/Main-SkyLine
  • Verband Wohneigentum Hesse e.V.
  • Tusiima Nawanyago e.V. – Fortschritt für Uganda
  • Studentenförderung – Bildungschancen für Alle

Beyond its support for charitable organizations, WSHP has waived its fees out of social responsibility in dozens of cases in recent years, representing clients pro bono without regard to its own financial interests. We do this especially whenever the fate of individuals in dire circumstances is at stake and where the system of institutional support has failed, or where fundamental issues of the legal system are at stake and costly litigation is unreasonable or would be disproportionate. Law also has to do with justice, and, to us, standing up for justice is always part of what it means to be socially responsible.

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